Season Planning

We're excited to offer Commit Planning - a season planner!

Our Planning tool allows you to create your season plan right inside Commit. You can set target training volume and composition for each week of your season. You can set meet dates and indicate which meets are "target" meets. Then, when you are writing workouts, your season plan can be pulled up right next to your workout.

We understand there are many questions you might have about our new tool and we are working to create more material to help answer any of your questions. Please check back soon for updated information.

You'll notice that in its current form Commit Planning is very minimal - while we feel the tool offers plenty of value to you, our users, we also know it still has plenty of room for improvement. What better way to know what is working, what isn't, and what is missing then by getting feedback like your's in the real world.  So please let us know about any issues, suggestions, or even areas you love! All feedback is welcome.

You'll see updates roll out over the coming weeks to Commit Planning that will make it easier to use and more powerful!

Common Questions:

  • Is there a trial for Planning?
    • We don't offer a trial, but our intention (as always) is to simply charge for what you use and get value out of.  If after a few weeks you say "no thanks," you can cancel under your subscription page and shoot us an email and we'll refund any charges 100%.
  • How do I view my season plan while writing a workout?
    • When in the workout edit screen, use the green clipboard button along the right corner of the workout.
  • Can you view equipment stats for a season plan?
    • Right now, we do not have any equipment stats available. We do track it on the back-end however.
  • I can't see my season plan when writing a workout.
    • When you are looking at your Season Planning page, look at the settings for the team you made. Here you'll want to make sure you've selected the training group(s) that will link to this season plan. If a training group isn't linked to the season plan's team, if won't show up when writing workouts for those training groups.  

    For additional help with this, please contact us.

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