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New Pricing in 2023

With the increase of amazing clubs and teams joining the Commit family, we want to make sure that we can continue to provide you with all the best possible tools, services, and experience! To help with this, we will be rolling out new subscription options.

We'll be phasing out our old, legacy plans with newer, less complicated subscription plan options.

If you are a current user, there's no need to do anything right now - we'll be sending out information about the transition from our old, legacy plans onto our new ones. Be on the look out for that information!


For the Workouts, Team Basic, and Team Premium plans, additional users can be added for an extra fee.

If you are looking to sign up, need more information, or have questions, please email us HERE

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For existing customers:

  • All plans will now include our seasonal planning feature!
  • Subscription fees will not change until Jul 1, 2023unless you take advantage of special offer #1 below.
  • On Jul 1, 2023if you don’t proactively migrate to the new plan and take advantage of offer #1, you will be switched to the plan that mirrors what you’re on currently.

Special Offer #1

If you migrate to the new pricing prior to Jul 1, 2023 (more on how to do that to follow), you will be given 20% off for the first 12 months.

Special Offer #2

If you are currently on the Solo-loyal plan, you will be placed on the new “Commit Solo” plan with a $10/ month or $100/ year off coupon, making your new price $19/ month or $190/ month. This does not include the 20% off offer above. If you take advantage of switching prior to July 1, you will pay $15.20/ month or $152 for the first year and then $19/ month or $190/ year thereafter.


Gone are the days of having to manage multiple subscription plans and having to keep track of what different features and tools you have paid for. We're cutting out the confusion so you can stay focused on what matters most - your team, your swimmers, and your training.


The solo option for pricing, which allows 1 user seat only, was $19/mo or $149/yr.

**RESULT ANALYTICS: ADD-ON TOOL - additional cost**

Depending on which Performance Suite Plan you had, depends on the cost of this tool.

SOLO or DEVELOPMENT - $12/mo or $119/yr

HIGH PERFORMANCE - $17/mo or $170/yr

ELITE - $27/mo or $270/yr

**SEASON PLANNING: ADD-ON TOOL - additional cost**

Depending on which Performance Suite Plan you had, depends on the cost of this tool.

SOLO or DEVELOPMENT - $6/mo or $59/yr

HIGH PERFORMANCE - $9/mo or $89/yr

ELITE - $14/mo or $139/yr


To use the Team Suite, you would also had to have a Performance Suite subscription; meaning the cost of the Team Suite was also in addition to the cost of the Performance Suite. While the Team Suite allowed all users access to this platform, your Performance Suite subscription dictated how many users could access that platform.

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