Exporting Your Roster from TeamUnify

When migrating your data from Team Unify over to Commit, here are the steps you'll need to follow!

1) When signed in to SportsEngine, you'll go to TEAM TOOLS and select MEMBERS

2) Then there, be sure to select all members and then there will be an export button that will, you'll choose the CSV or CUSTON EXCEL option (whichever it presents is fine - both formats work)

3) Then you select these options, but feel free to include more:

LIST OF THINGS TO SELECT (include as much of this as you can and more if you'd like):
Member First Name (athlete)
Member Last Name (athlete)
Member Middle Initial (athlete)
Roster Group *optional
Street Address
Email Opt1
Email Opt2
Email Opt3
Guardian 1
Guardian 1 First Name
Guardian 1 Last Name
Guardian 1 Phone (usually cell)
Guardian 2
Guardian 2 First Name
Guardian 2 Last Name
Guardian 2 Phone (usually cell)

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