Adding Questions / Forms Within Meet and Program Registrations

Can you add a question, or list of questions, that must be filled out during registration?

Can you add a form that must be filled out upon completion of registration?

Ultimately the answer is NO - there’s no way to add any questions like this to meet or programs registrations... for now.

There are a few work arounds we suggest:

1 - You could upload a form that the swimmer can download and fill out - but make sure the form states they will need to turn the form in to you asap.

2 - You could also send a message to everyone who is registered for information you are looking for. (no forms or anything - just a simple - let us know by email, message, etc.) Though you can also attach anything that needs filled out - or add custom fields to your athlete's profiles and ask them to fill it in with the needed information.

Special Case Solution - 

Let's say, for a meet, you need to know if any swimmers will need to be provided transportation:

You could create an event, add all the registrants the request applies to and be sure to select RSVP. (Have the title of the event be called something like ’“NEED TRANSPORTATION” or equivalent to your needs.) Then make sure your swimmers all know to select yes or no, depending on their needs.

We hope to include features like this soon - but please contact us at to add your vote in for this feature. The more requests we get, the higher up on our development list this moves!

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