Setting Up Your Account - Parents

If you haven't been invited to your club yet to set up your account, please contact your head coach to have your "invitation" sent to you!

Once you receive it, click the link to officially connect your account and set your login credentials.

Example Invitation

When you click the "CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED" link, you'll be prompted to set your password.

(Your login will always be your email address.)

Set your password

After typing your password, click "Let's Go" to log in to your Commit Portal!

Here you'll see your Dashboard, be able to add a payment method, register for programs, sign up for meets, update your swimmer's profile and more!

Example Portal
  • Want to see your swimmer's workouts, attendance, time history, and team records? Go over to the Workout Management with this link:

Never got an invite link?

  • Please confirm with your head coach that you have been invited and they are using the correct email address.

  • Still not receiving the invite?
    • Please check your spam folder - as the initial invite comes from our internal system to you on behalf of your team, your inbox may think this is spam.
      • It can also help to ensure you have communications from Commit white listed for your email and inbox:
      • Add these to your approved senders list:
        • *

  • If you've completed these tasks and are still not seeing the invite, here are the steps you can take!
    • Go to and click the "FORGOT PASSWORD?" button - this will help generate a new link. (While you haven't set a password yet, this link will allow you to it)

All set and want to log in again?

You can go to and use the "PARENT SIGN IN" option:

Or log in here:

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