Updating Information on Stripe

Sign in to your Stripe Express account.

  • Either by logging in to your Commit account and navigating to:
    • Settings >> Stripe Connection >> "View Stripe Dashboard"

  1. When logged in, please go to your account settings in the top right corner:

  1. When in your profile:

Scroll down to see your details to update:


  • Click the little arrow next to your Account under PAYOUT DETAILS, then click the edit button of your account:

Here you can choose to Use a Bank Account (and update that Bank info)

Or use a Debit Card

If already using a debit card - to update your card, you'll need to confirm your current card info:


To remove a connect account, go to LINKED EXTERNAL ACCOUNTS and click "Remove Accounts"


Click PLATFORM SETTINGS to find any information you need to update:

To add other Team Members to be able to login and access the dashboard for your Club's Stripe account:

  • Click PLATFORM SETTINGS and scroll to the bottom of the list to find "Team Members"

  • Click "Invite and remove"

  • Click "Add Team Member" to invite any other users to access Stripe Express

If you have any issues, you can contact Commit Support at Team@commitswimming.com

**Note: Commit Support will have limited access to help within your Stripe Express account, as it is private financial account information that is separate from our platform.

You can also contact Stripe Support for help: https://stripe.com/contact

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