Adding Coaches and Other Users to Your Team

When you are ready to add users to your account and subscription - (coaches, administrators, parent volunteers, board members, or any other staff) - You'll navigate to PEOPLE > STAFF in your menus.

*Note: You must be an admin on the account with financial permissions to make these changes.

Manage your staff

You'll click "Add new coach" to add the user.

*All users are considered "coaches" in the system - regardless of their actual title within your organizaton.

Add a new coach - set permissions

Add a profile image, type in their information, and set their permissions.

Learn more about permissions: HERE

Then you can toggle on and off users from taking up a seat on your subscription:


Once they are added to your club, you can then manage who has access to which training group.

(By default, any new coaches will be added to all training groups mapped to the team - but you can go into each training group to manage who does or does not have access to specific groups.)

This is under TRAINING > GROUPS and then click the SETTINGS icon on each training group

Access Training Group Settings

Then you can manage who to remove and/or who to add:

Remove a Coach
Add a coach with their email

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