Account and Subscription Management

Let’s look at how to manage your account and subscription.

Update Profile

To change your profile information, navigate to your profile section in the top right.  Here you can change your name, add a phone number, or update your email address. 

Note: If you change your email, you are also changing you login credentials.


If you don't have a current subscription, or your trial is coming to an end, and you’re ready to sign up for one of our plans, you’ll need to navigate to the Plan section in the left hand tool menu. 

Note: Subscription and Billing management cannot be done via the mobile app, only through a web browser.

Here you’ll see a list of our subscription plan options and their prices (monthly or yearly). Select the one you want and input your card information.

If you'd prefer to pay by invoice, you’ll need to contact us at TEAM@COMMITSWIMMING.COMbefore selecting your plan.

Now that you are set up on a subscription or if you’ve already been on a plan for awhile, let’s look at how you can manage everything.

Subscription Status:

When looking at your Plan Information Tab, you’ll see the status of your subscription:

  • Active - Everything is current and up to date with your billing.
  • Past Due - You have an invoice that has not been paid yet and is past it's due date.
  • Canceled - You either canceled your subscription or your invoice grace pay period has passed.
  • Incomplete - You set up a new account, but your payment information has failed and now your subscription is expired.

Update Billing:

Go to the Billing Tab to see your current card, update your card, and see upcoming invoices. 

Note: If your invoice is past due and you have just updated your card, it may not attempt to pay the invoice immediately. If you need it to pay immediately please contact us, otherwise check your account in a few days.

Change Subscription:

Whether you need to upgrade your plan to a higher tier or downgrade your plan to a lower one, you can find this option in the Plan Menu under the Plan Information tab. Just click the “CHANGE PLAN” button and select your new plan.

If you are changing in the middle of your billing cycle, you’ll either pay a prorated amount when upgrading or receive credit towards your next bill if downgrading. 

Cancel Subscription:

If you need to cancel your subscription you can click the CANCEL button in the Plan Information. This will set your plan to cancel at the end of your billing cycle. Contact us if you have any questions or issues while doing this.

Manage Coaches on your Subscription:

Every subscription plan allows for a set number of coaches to be linked to it at once. To manage who is taking a spot on your subscription, go to the Manage Coaches section under the Plan tab.

If you have a coach on your subscription, you’ll see a green, checked box next to their name.  If you want to add or remove a coach from your subscription, you’ll either check or uncheck their name here and select “Save Changes”.

If you don’t see the box checked, this means they are on one of your teams but not on your subscription. 

Note: To remove a coach from your team as well, be sure to check out our Training Groups Management information HERE


Contact us at TEAM@COMMITSWIMMING.COM - we’re happy to help with any questions you might have!

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