Create Training Groups


If you are not the administrative on the club's account, please ensure your team does not already have a training group created. If you create it, and one exists, it will create duplicates.

  • Navigate to the TRAINING menu and then select the GROUPS tab

  • Then select the button labeled “New Training Group” or if no groups exist yet select "Add one"

  • Input your Training Group name and start inviting other coaches who you wish to manage this training group.

  • You can then assign sub-groups within the training group's settings (You can create as many as you need or as few)
    • If you do not need or use sub-groups, you'll still need to create one and call it something like "All" or even the same name as the training group itself.
    • If you are not ready to do this, you can come back later to create them.

  • You can assign athletes to the training group later (or have this happen with registrations automatically)
  • You can also add your own custom terminology now or later as well.
  • The last step will be to ensure you have this training group properly linked to your team.
    • If you are the admin for the team and have the ability to access settings, you'll need to navigate to SETTINGS and then go to the TRAINING SETTINGS menu and select "EDIT"
    • If you are NOT the admin, you'll need to request they do this OR create the training group themselves and invite you to it

    • Then in the "Edit Team" menu that pops up, you'll scroll down to the "RELATED TRAINING GROUPS" option and use the dropdown menu to select all Training Groups you wish to link with your club. Click save when complete.

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