** New Billing Updates **

Below are a list of updates/improvements that are now available.

The new customer account layout


Your customers (members) can now include a bank account, in addition to a credit card to their accounts. Once added, they can choose (or you can choose) which option to use by default for all automatic billing.


Credit History

You can now view a list of all credit applied to an account and the history of how that credit was used.

The history shows any note you added to credit, as well as a link to any invoices the credit was applied to.

Pending Invoice Items / Improved Roll-up Invoices

You can add an invoice item to be applied to a customer's next monthly payment, as part of their enrollment. If the customer doesn't have a regular monthly enrollment, the pending items will automatically charge on the 1st of the next month.

The pending invoice items also shows any billing for meets and one-off payments that are scheduled to be added to upcoming invoices.

You can preview these charges on an upcoming invoice.

Or choose to by-pass waiting for the next monthly payment and generate an invoice for the items right away, using the "Invoice Now" button.

Improved Single Invoice Options

You can now create a single, direct invoice where you can choose whether to include processing fees or not , as well as decide how long they have to pay the invoice.

If you DO include the fees, the member will pay for it as part of the invoice.

If you DO NOT include the fees, they will be deducted prior to you receiving the funds from the payment.

You can also choose to push the charge through automatically using the default payment option the member has set.

Or you can choose to send an invoice for them to pay with a specific method. (Please note, the method you choose will be the only option for them to pay the invoice with.)

  • ACH = ACH only
  • Credit Card = Credit Card only
  • External (Cash/Check) = you will collect this via other means outside of commit, and can mark this paid after

(Note: when the members receive the external version of the invoice, they will still be presented with the option to pay by Credit Card, ACH, Google, etc.... these options, if selected, will result in higher processing fees if selected. Please make note of this. When choosing external payment, the intended use is for them to pay you by cash, check, or another way)

Better Invoice History

You can view a more thorough history of invoices on an account, including invoices with $0 amounts. (These were originally hidden from view)


We will have additional; info for you AND your members, video tutorials, walkthroughs, and more coming shortly.

Please contact us with any questions at Team@commitswimming.com.

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