Taking Attendance

To take attendance, you'll want to make sure your training group is set up with sub-groups and athletes properly assigned.

Under the Training Group Settings, you will want to set up your sub-groups.

  • You can have 1 sub-group that includes all your athletes on the training group
  • You can have 1 sub-group that includes none of them.
  • You an have multiple sub-groups that include some of your athletes split up (but athletes can be on more that 1 sub-group if you need them to be)

Whether you right workouts to track analytics and attendance or only want to track attendance - you'll do this by creating a new workout under trainings.

Select the sub-groups you wish to have in attendance for the workout.

When you view the attendance tab of the workout, you'll see every athlete who is assigned to one of the sub-groups that is included in the workout will be automatically marked present. (This cannot be set differently)

You can then toggle everyone off who is absent.

When you assigned sub-groups that do not include your full training group, you will still see your other athletes available to mark PRESENT. But they will automatically be turned off for attendance, being marked excused on any attendance reports.

If you wish to have everyone not marked present by default there are two options:

  1. You can immediately click the MARK ALL ABSENT button to turn everyone off for the training group(s)
  2. You can create a sub-group and choose to assign no athletes to it. This will automatically mark everyone as excused for the practice, but you can toggle anyone present as needed.

When you are ready to view your attendance reports, you can go to REPORTS and ATTENDANCE

You can then use the filter option to select the training group and date range you wish to run the report for (and you can further filter down the sub-groups if needed too)

If you want to view a specific athlete's attendance more in depth, you can either click their name on the full training group attendance report, or navigate to their profile on your roster and view their ATTENDANCE tab.

This will show you this individual athletes entire training schedule for attendance across ALL training groups they are apart of.

Note: Attendance Reports ARE NOT able to be exported into any printable format currently.

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