Exporting Your Roster from Active

When migrating your data from Active Swim Manager over to Commit, here are the steps you'll need to follow!

When signed in to Active , you'll go to REPORTS

Once there, you'll have two options: Option A or Option B


This option allows you to download your entire Roster - including all past and current athletes.

(This can be a long list and require some extra organization when importing data into Commit)

A1) On the REPORTS screen, scroll down to ROSTER and click "ALL"

A2) When on the Roster page, find and click the Save Icon

A3) Select the CSV file

Option B

This allows you to download individual registration groups. You'll need to download each individually and combine to send, but this option will provide only your most current athletes.

B1) On the REPORTS screen, scroll down to REGISTRATIONS and click "ALL"

B2) When on the Registrations page, select the "Program" and "Location" and click Apply.

B3) Click Export in the top right concern.

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