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When at click the “Try for FREE” button.

- Step 1

Type in your name and email address.

The email address you input will be the email address you use to login to Commit.

- Step 2

You’ll need to let us know if you plan to use Commit as a coach or an athlete.  

- Step 3

Set up your first team, designate a couple of groups for your athletes to be put into later, and try out writing your first workout.

- Step 4

Set your password. 

Now you’re set up and ready to go.

Here’s a guide to navigate Commit, but be sure to look at our other tutorials to learn more.

Exploring Commit

On the left hand side, you’ll see your  Tools Menu

  • My Workouts: This is where you’ll go to create your workouts and to see your past, current, and future workouts.
  • Planning: This add-on allows you to create your season plan. Set target training volume and composition for each week of your season, set meet dates and indicate which meets are "target" meets. 
  • Training: You’ll be able to see all the data from your workouts laid out here with some nice charts and graphs.   You can view the data for an entire group or an individual athlete.
  • Attendance:  Here you’ll see all the attendance records for athletes.
  • Results:  This add-on allows you to upload your meet results files and assign the times to your swimmers. It provides data tables and visualizations for each individual swimmer and also your entire team.
  • Training Groups: This is where you create teams, remove old ones, manage the coaches and athletes linked to each, create groups, and customize your team settings.
  • Team Branding: This allows you to add team graphics for any printed materials or reports.
  • Plan:  This is where you’ll be able to select the subscription plan you’d like to use and manage billing and subscription preferences.
  • Settings:  Here is where you’ll set your account’s default settings and update any profile information. (Note: If you change your email address in your profile, your login information will be changed to the updated email address)
  • Support:  Here is where you can access tutorials and information about using Commit.

Now you can start writing your workouts and get in the pool!


Contact us at TEAM@COMMITSWIMMING.COM - we’re happy to help with any questions you might have!

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