Team Suite - Swims 3.0

USA Swimming SWIMS 3.0 + Commit Swimming

Connecting to SWIMS 3.0 with Commit Swimming’s Team Suite is simple and powerful. The Commit Swimming Team Suite is Commit’s Team Management Software

Before we talk about the integration in detail, there are 2 frequently asked questions I want to address.

FAQ #1

Q: Does Commit Swimming sync with the SWIMS Times database?

A: No. USA Swimming does not have an API for software vendors like Commit Swimming, TeamUnify, or Active to pull times data from for many good reasons. No team management software (including TeamUnify) has access to SWIMS Times. This is a common misconception about other software vendors.

FAQ #2

Q: How do I submit my registrations in Commit Swimming’s team management software?

A: You don’t anymore. The batch registration process no longer exists. Parents will register their kids for USA Swimming on their own. More on how you can help facilitate this in the Commit Team Suite below.

How do I get started with The Commit Team Suite?

Click here to learn more about Commit + Swims 3.0 and how to get started.

Now to the good stuff…

What can you do with SWIMS 3.0 in Commit Swimming?

  1. Roster Sync - Sync your roster with SWIMS and view USA Swimming registration information
  2. Registration Links - Send members your unique USA Swimming Registration link
  3. Registration Prompts - Adjust your registration flow to include a USA Swimming Registration prompt

How to Setup SWIMS 3.0 + Commit Swimming - Simple

  1. In SWIMS, activate Commit Swimming as your Team Management Vendor. (
  2. In Commit, indicate that you are a USA Swimming Club.

Sync your Commit Swimming Roster with USA Swimming SWIMS 3.0

Here’s how Syncing your roster with SWIMS works…

  1. You have a roster on SWIMS
  2. You have a roster on Commit
  3. We tell you if there are any swimmers on SWIMS that are not in Commit yet OR are inactive in Commit. 

  1. You can choose to add these swimmers to your roster in Commit.

Send your USA Swimming Registration Link to Families

Grab our registration link and shoot it over to your families who are not yet registered AND in a group that needs to be registered.

Boom! -> Design the message however you want and send the link to your families.

Prompt Families Registering for your Club to Register for USA Swimming

You can choose which registration groups inside of programs get prompted to register for USA Swimming.

Now when parents are done registering, they’ll see this.

And after they are in their account, if they haven’t registered yet, they’ll see this.

That’s it! USA Swimming SWIMS 3.0 integration with Commit is both simple and powerful.

How do I get started with The Commit Team Suite?

Click here to learn more about Commit + Swims 3.0 and how to get started.

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